Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey,I am single!

Hey, I am single
Don't wanna mingle
Unless it's legal
Or else it's evil
There's only one girl
My wife, my angel

(What Single Muslim Brothers Say)
I am available but not for sale,
Don't you ever expect me in your mail,
There's only one story beneath this veil,
It's modesty, and not an ad to hail,
Woo me not because you will surely fail,
You really really think I am that frail?
You're not a hammer and I'm not a nail,
I don't want a boyfriend, he's such an ail,
I would prefer to be stuck in a jail,
But I'm free of you and your fairytale,
If you want me then be the alpha male,
Don't hide in your shell like a slimy snail,
Be my husband, by Allah we stand still.


Anonymous said...


ahmad nazreiy said...

i'm single mingle. keh2.

Zafer Muslim said...

fuh, i love being single

timme said...


Lutfi Lokman a.k.a kamitaken said...

terima kasih kerana menjadi follower saya. dan belajar rajin2 !